Offer is not credited 2 Jan, 2024

Offer is not credited – Why?

You spent some time completing an offer. However the offer is not credited. Why? What can you do about it?

First of all, rarely some offers are not credited instantly, although most of them are. Please check if the offer you’re referring to is an offer with a delay credit.

If not – then there could be several reasons why the offer is not credited. For example:

  • If you completed a survey, then please note surveys have protection mechanisms. For example if you answer the survey too fast, or if the answers you provide don’t make sense then the survey will kick you out. For example you said you are 18 years old and after 20 questions you said you have 6 kids. It doesn’t make any sense!
  • If you completed the offer on another cashback website/app then the offer won’t be credited twice. Even if you used a completely new device for the completion, it’s enough the advertiser has your details (name, date of birth etc.) and this database will trigger an automatic rejection for the offer you’ve just completed.
  • If you provide invalid details, use a proxy/VPN, try to cheat/abuse the offer, then in 2024 advertisers have protection mechansims against these kind of behaviors. You can no longer cheat the system like many years ago and get credited for it. The advertisers and the systems they use nowadays are very sophisticated.

I genuinely believe all of the above is wrong

If you truly genuinely believe all of the above is not related to you then we can only suggest you try to pressure the advertiser/network/cashback site for assistance, however many sites will simply refer you to a similar page like this, and this would be the end of it.

This business is unfortunately not always 100% accurate, and you should be aware sometimes there are “false positives”, but there are no guarantees to change it.


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