When Sporting Events Turn Uncontrollable

3Have you watched a very intense game of wrestling that you feel like both competing players are somehow trying to kill each other? Yes! There are usually certain instances wherein the intensity of the game has gotten into the players very well. One very good example of an intense fight that a player has lost control of what he is doing is the boxing competition between Muhammed Ali and Frazier wherein Ali was so into the game, that at one point he bit Ali’s ear. It is dubbed as the greatest boxing in history because of how engrossed they were in the game, and Muhammad Ali is a testament to it.


There are really a lot of games were players got so engrossed playing, that somehow all that they want to do is to win the game no matter what it takes. Some players become too obsessed about winning that they forget about certain rules, to the point of crossing the borders of the game’s rules. Such instances wherein players get hold of their attention to the games are common in sports like basketball, football and other physically intense sports. Moreover, physically competitive sports like boxing, wrestling and MMA are just some wherein there is a great chance that players will disobey the rules being set for them just to win the game. Such game poses a high probability of seeing players fight like they are gladiators trying to kill one another! And what happened to Muhammad Ali is just one very fine example of it.


But, have you seen a wrestling or an MMA championship wherein one player is trying to strangle the other player? Consider yourself viewing a game of MMA and one player is just too engrossed about winning and it is very evident on his face that he is somehow turning red with rage and he is channeling all energy that he has so he can win the game; and in doing so, he lost control of himself and got caught in a situation where he is at a point of trying to strangle his opponents. Yes! You read it right, he is strangling his opponent. What would you feel? What would the referee or game maker feel?


The referee would likewise feel a sense of fear at the same time a sense of being in control to try to stop the game so that it will not result to untoward incidents. Indeed, it is really scary to witness such things, but nevertheless such events do occur because of the nature of the sport. Have you ever thought of what the aggrieved player is feeling? Well, he could well be thinking of mustering all that he has to win the game and not to lose face in front of many onlookers. Witnessing such things is definitely scary, as well as amazing at some point.

Mary Romar

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