Scary Reflection of a Gharial

2Ever been to a zoo to admire the many different species that inhabit it? Have you had your pictures taken with a very playful monkey swinging inside its cage, or have you been beside an ostrich to admire how gigantic a bird it is? A zoo is really a good place to see all the different species of animals that the world has. It is also a good venue to take souvenirs with us, that is posing beside the different weird looking and unique animal species that is unfamiliar to us. We could likewise have good moments with a very big snake, or have them hang on our shoulders. There are different activities that will make our stay in the zoo very memorable, plus the many wonderful and interesting animals that we can find inside it.


Are you fond of crocodiles? If you are, you probably are picturing out a large lizard-like animal that keeps on floating on the water. Well, there are actually different kinds of crocodiles. And one that is very much unfamiliar to many is called a gharial. Have you heard of it? Well, probably not. It is a crocodile species that is native to India. And it is one species that is very weird looking, to the point that it looks freakish and somehow a distortion of the common crocodiles that we often see.


The animal is characterized with its long and thin jaws. Yes, that is, they somehow have stunted face with long and overstretched jaws and a nose that looks like it is bulging from the thin jaw. Did you know that its appearance is due to its adaptation of its diet? Gharials are known in India to eat mainly fish, and its long and thin jaws provide it an excellent way to hunt down their favorite meal. The Gharials or gavials is dark or light olive in color with dark bands and speckling on its head. And its hollow nasal bulbous protuberance on the edge of its thin jaw characterized them from other crocodiles.


The characteristic of a gavial is definitely very scary. But, it would be freaking scary to see them float in the river or in their pool in the zoo with only their head, long, thin and overstretched jaw and bulging nasal protuberance visible. Their reflection on the water will also add to their freaky looking appearance. A reflective photo of a gavial in a zoo is one that would raise the hairs of your body; you would definitely feel the goose bumps and chill whenever you see one. If you are scared of the crocodiles that you commonly see, you will definitely freak out once you see a gavial on its natural habitat, partly because of its appearance. But no worries, they only love to eat fishes, I suppose.

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