Pineberry: A Strawberry-like Pineapple Tasting Fruit

1Everyone has tasted and seen what strawberry is like. It is a small fruit that is heart-shaped, soft and with red plump. Each single fruit of a strawberry is surrounded by a seed giving it a somewhat rough texture while everything about the fruit is entirely red. Strawberries are a favorite in any generations because it is ready to eat, sweet and juicy. Compared to other berries in the world, the strawberry is the highly favored one. Thanks entirely to its taste, as well as its very eye catching form. Its bright red appearance would definitely make anyone have a second glance on it, and it is also the red hue that it has that made a mark on many people on what a strawberry looks like.


What if you see a white ‘strawberry’ will you still eat it? Well, they do exist! Not on Photoshop or wallpapers but also in real life. Yes! They are real. Did you know that in 2010 of April it was introduced in UK? The timing of introducing it on an April made many wonder that it probably is an April fool’s Day prank. But no! The berries were in fact real! They have the same appearance with strawberries; the only difference is that instead of being bright red, it is pale as white! Yes, kind of an albino cousin of a strawberry. And such unique feature of the fruit gained for it a huge media mileage, that it has trended on social networking sites and many newspapers from the world over.


The fruit, though somehow the same with strawberry, is not really an albino cousin of it. It really is a different fruit, and yes of different taste! Consider eating a strawberry, but tasting pineapple on its moist and tasty meat and you get a Pineberry! A pineapple tasting berry, thus the name! It is actually the oldest version of a strawberry variety, and it reached to a point that it is in the brink of extinction. That’s right! It is not surprising why many people don’t notice it and it is not as popular as strawberries, because it almost got lost in the face of the world.


But thankfully, you can enjoy and eat some of it without the fear of losing it for all eternity. A pineberry breeding program has been initiated to help it thrive and grow and become popular, just like its cousin—the strawberry. It was the Dutch farmers that saved the crop froom extinction in 2003. Thanks to their idea of growing it commercially! All of us will now have a chance of tasting what a white ‘strawberry’ with pineapple flavor is like! And once tasted, you will crave for more, for sure, because it has a taste and texture that is incomparable.

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