How to Use the Hands Creatively

3Our hand is the most versatile body organ that we have, that in fact, we can use in whatever way we wanted. It is the most indispensable part of our body that we really need because its functions are countless. Can you imagine yourself cooking or washing the dishes without your hands? Can you imagine commuting or doing your work without it? Life is really ten times more difficult if we do not have our hands. Indeed, it is one that cannot be taken for granted and can’t be traded with any other body part when it comes to functionality. Our hands provide us unlimited possibilities and makes sure that we do things with ease.

What do you think will happen to your assignment or wok if you don’t have hands? What do you think will happen to you if you don’t have your hands with you? Do you think you will still be functional than with your hands with you? Though there are some people who managed to live and become successful even if they don’t have hands, they do face quite a tough life with them, before they were able to manage and become familiar with certain routines without their hands. On the other hand, some people are also honing what they have, and that is, they try to do more with their hands. Some do certain tricks with it just to add more value to what they have.

When you were a child, you at one point did some animal shadow tricks using your hands. That is using your hands creatively! And in your childhood, you were good at singing while tapping and playing with the cups using your hands. You had one too many creative things done with your hands. But did you know that your hand can actually do so much more. Yes! Just imagine a group of people making use of their hand just to portray something out of it. It is like using charades with the use of the hands. The group of people made a form with their hands; in such a way, wherein the four hands fan at the back portion to serve as the hair, while three fisted hands were joined together to represent the forehead, and the eyes.

Additionally, a protruding thumb is positioned below the joined fisted hand to portray the nose. While two hands formed a two concave shape attached at the fingertips to represent the mouth, while a stretched palm is used to represent the tongue. To cap the representation, are two hands somehow lifting all the other hands to represent the jaw and the neck. Indeed, it is a masterpiece! The group of hands is totally something done in a very creative taste. The work is definitely brilliant which made use of the hand in an imaginative fashion.

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