What Our Eyes Tell

2Charles Darwin once said that, “We must look at weeping as an incident result, as purposeless as the secretion of tears from a blow outside the eye.” He regarded crying as something that is totally useless and serves no important meaning, or that it convey insignificant emotion to others. But, could crying or weeping or even a depressive look in our eye sans the tears mean nothing? Well, “where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” Rather than seeing what our eyes do as something that is purposeless, it is important to see it as something that we can convey messages what we can’t through words. It is our eyes that can display what we truly feel inside, a show window of our soul.

Our eyes are medium to tell to others what we truly feel. There are moments that we feel sad, and become helpless to display it to others for fear of what reactions it will generate; but, no matter what we feel, it is our eyes that will truly display what emotions are buried deep within us. It is our eyes that reveal the real feelings no matter how hard we try to cover our façade. You can tell whether a person is telling the truth or lying just by looking at the person’s eyes. You can tell if he or she is happy or not, just by staring at the eyes. Indeed, the eyes reveal, what our face or gestures cannot.

As humans, we are truly lucky to have eyes that shed tears when we are emotionally distress. Any other animal species would just shed tears when in physical pain, but humans display emotions through the eyes both in physical and emotional pain. And with it, we have developed a certain mechanism in our brains whenever we see someone become distress. The eyes paved the way for such evolutionary process, and it is through this process that compassion is also born.

Our eyes, especially when it generate tears, is a form of distress calls, as a way to ask help from others to be compassionate with what we are feeling, even if we are helpless to seek for help. Our eyes signal helplessness for others to help us, in whatever emotional pits we are at. Our eyes are the channels to make it known whatever we feel deep within us; and the signal, something that we are giving through our eyes, that transcend beyond culture and time. It is universal because it is a thing that is imbedded in every human being. It is something that is done by every single race. But what is important is that, the feeling of hopelessness, despair, or loneliness that we are channeling through our eyes is acknowledged by others.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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