What a Simple Touch Could Do

3“To care for the once who cared for us is one of the highest honors.” When we were young, when we were fragile and helpless to walk the earth on our own, we had our parents to guide us and help us walk through the many adversities, trials and challenges that were there for us during our infant years. It is our parents or guardian who made sure that we will grow up safe and secure. It is them who dedicate their whole life, just so we can walk this earth and become safe from whatever uncertainties that will come to us, as we grow up. It is very essential that when they are old, and they are no longer able to look and take care for themselves, will we start to take in the shoes of a caregiver just like what they did when we were young.

The elderly, just like any other person, deserves all the right care and love they could ever have. And one very simple expression of showing it is by touching them and holding their hands. It is through touch that we can truly show how much we care for them. It is through touch that we can channel how we are going to safeguard them in their frail years, just like how they safeguarded us when we were frail in our childhood years. It is through the care giving process that we can show, as well as learn, what love truly mean.

Sometimes in an abrupt way, we find ourselves filling on certain tasks and responsibilities that they can’t do. It can start with paying their bills, doing their shopping, and soon would become more and more intensive. Adjusting to such roles is a very important milestone both between the caregiver and the one receiving the care. If you happen to be slowly filling the shoes of taking care of your elderly parents or significant others, you will for sure learn how difficult it is to juggle it with your other activities such as your job. But at the same time, you will realize that by doing it, you have that sense of fulfillment, because you have done something what any loving person would do, and that is to spare time to help them get through with this part of their life.

Just your time, or a simple gesture like a touch or tap or a hug would mean so much to the elderly that you are going to take care for. It may be a simple gesture that you are going to give to them, but for them it means a lot. It could mean the world for them, and your very touch could imprint a memory that they will surely treasure for the rest of their lives.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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