Behind Newborn Photography

1What comes to your mind when you hear newborn photography? Maybe you’ll immediately associate it with fragile? Memories worth treasuring? Innocence perhaps? Well, that is probably it! A touché! Those words would immediately sum up what newborn photography is. Since, it involves a baby that is new to the world; the word fragile would definitely top the list of the adjectives to associate what newborn photography is. But don’t you ever wonder why, even if the child or newborn is fragile, many mothers or parents would still want to have seemingly artistic photographs of their newborn child? Well, it could be that they want to preserve the innocence of their child in pictures which they can see over and over even in the course of time. Or it could be that they just want to treasure such wonderful memory that they have with them.

There are various artistic ways in which newborns pose! Yes, even if they haven’t seen how real supermodel poses; they do have their unique and innate way of unleashing the photogenic side in them. You read that right! If you have seen one, you probably mentioned a lot of “ahhh!” or “how cute!” or whatever reaction you may have. Well, you’d better be, because newborns really don’t pose, they just somewhat sleep most of the time when they are photographed. And the photographer or parents will have to do all the posing for them. And guess what? Often, the photographer uses a bird’s eye view to capture photographs of newborns!

Also, it is not only cute to see results of newborn photography—that is, the picture. Well, there are issues behind the pictures, if you don’t know. Remember that newborns have their own timetable and needs, and during photo shoots, the newborn may want to feed, or whatsoever, so there is distraction and whatnot during the photo shoot session. Definitely, the photographer, as well as the parents, needs to be creative most of the time! They must be able to utilize all fun props that they can ever think of, and maximize whatever is available to them.

So if you see photos of newborns with wedding rings on their feet, the parents definitely maximized the resources that were available to them, and that is their rings. It is definitely creativity at its finest! Seeing newborn photographs would definitely make our hearts melt because it is like seeing cherubs sleep in our very bosom. It is also like being in heaven, or seeing a glimpse of it, the most. Well, newborn photographs also serve as way to capture a moment in time, the moment where the child or baby is at its most innocent stage, and such moment is really worth treasuring.

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