The Invisibility of Computers

2Long ago when computers were in their infancy years, they were too bulky and would literally occupy an entire room to make it function and achieve its purpose. But now, the development and innovation of computers have made it possible for anyone to use and maximize its function even if it is just as small as the palm of your hands. Yes! The use of some smart watches and smart phones is one testament to it; that with today’s generation, computers don’t have to occupy huge spaces anymore. Indeed, the development of computers has leapfrogged to unimaginable heights and its continuous innovation is fast, that its every development is very hard to comprehend by any human imagination.

If history of computers tell us that it takes one to have an unoccupied room to buy a computer; now, all you need is money so you can use it in your daily life. And computers just exist basically everywhere, from fashion, to stuffs you use inside your kitchen, to things that aide you in your business or school. The functionalities of computers have become very diverse that it can be used in a lot of ways. Indeed, technologies have a life cycle; and they must be able to withstand the test of time and continue to evolve in technical complexities so that they will be relevant and up-to-date with what consumers really want, that is—change.

Most of us wants change, and what we look for in a computer is convenience, the ease of using it, and the ability of making it invisible (well, at the very least). There is no question that the computers now are getting invisible; would you be able to tell that your peers watch can actually take photos and post in social media with ease? That is just one part of how computers are slowly blending in (and getting invisible) to our daily lives. One very good example would be in the world of games wherein computers are now integrated to the person to enjoy the game at its primacy.

Certain products now have contributed to the ‘invisibility of computers’ and one good example is Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. You can now play games and integrate yourself in the game! Sooner, the development of helmet-like glasses that will provide you with realistic visualization of the game, and game controls that can be attached to your body will be the next big thing! The start of its development in Nintendo Wii is one major step in making it fully realistic in the coming years. Who knows, maybe the giant tech companies are building something that can blow our imagination away and take us by surprise with more and more invisible computers!

Mary Romar

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