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3As one of the most popular fruits in America and globally, an apple is the sole fruit that really made a mark into the history of mankind. Beginning with the biblical times, it was said that it was an apple that tempted Eve to commit the very first sin that has made man in exile from paradise. An apple then played a very major role in shifting what humanity is today. As time passes, it was also an apple that sparked an idea and evolution on the description of what gravity is. It was an apple that fell on the head of Sir Isaac Newton as he was having his “me-time” under the apple tree that made him conclude on the existence of one of the very strong force that is found in the planet—that is, gravity.

An apple has also made countless innovation and inventions in the twentieth century, though not the edible one. But, it sure has etched a name for itself; it is a gigantic tech company that shifted what technology is today, into a more futuristic, innovative and forward thinking—and that is, Apple Inc. Indeed, it can be said that the word apple, with respect to the examples above, can be likened to huge leaps toward change. An apple has played a part in many ways into changing what the world is. It can be said that is a legendary fruit. And not to mention that it is a favorite fruit amongst fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to name one.

The popularity of apple has made it a favorite subject of anything under the sun. It is a fruit widely used to describe, interpret and whatnot. The popularity of apple is far reaching that it is not surprising for you to see apples made into glass! Yes, consider an apple that is shining like diamonds when light is subjected to it, plus it comes in various colors, and it would definitely give your eye something to feast upon. Such marvelous creativity to mould a molten glass into an apple is definitely very eye catching. It would for sure be worthy to grace any posh dining table.

The ubiquity of apples has made it a very common name to many. And an example of using apples as decorations, such that it is made into precious and fragile glass in extraordinary. Apples really possess an enchanting appeal that would make many serve it as an inspiration into crafting something that could change the world. With the simple creativity of using apples and molding it into glass sculptures, it sure will be the talk of the town again. It will further perpetuate apple as the most common fruit the world has.

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