When Cats Play

2Have you encountered animals playing with each other? Have you seen your dog chasing your cat and then biting it, without meaning to hurt the cat? Or have you seen two monkeys in the zoo somehow acting up like two toddlers chasing one another? Like humans, animals also play, and like us, they find happiness in play. They play in various forms, but unlike us, their play somehow involve chasing each other, and running around the yard, or biting scratching on whatever is available to them in their immediate surrounding. So, don’t be shocked to learn that the new sofa you just purchased from the department store is filled with scratches from your cats. It is their type of play and they just love to do it!

Say you are cuddling your cat and bringing it with you, as you visit your neighbor. All the while, what’s on your mind is a perfect chitchat with your neighbor about basically just anything under the sun, while you sip tea and eat cookie admiring the mid-afternoon surrounding in your neighbor’s porch, as you leave your cat to snuggle or just rest in one corner of your neighbor’s porch. Well, it could be a perfect scenario for a good afternoon to strengthen the bond with your neighbor, until you realize that your neighbor’s cat and your cat are studying each other, like two sumo wrestlers before they engage in a sumo fight.

An intricate dance between the two of them is made, like a two flamenco dancers, that only them could understand. They somehow sniff to know the scent of each other, trying to remember if they’d ever met this feline in one instance, and they visually inspect one another as they walk in circles. And then, the ‘fight begins.’ One cat leaped to the other cat, showing off its huge physique, and trying to topple the other cat with its surprise leap. And the other cat leaped as well, maybe in surprise or its instinct just tells it to leap as well. But, are they really fighting? Or are they play-fighting?

Well, they are play-fighting! If it shocked you the first time you encountered it, well it’s just play and its normal for cats to do it. It could be a way for them to respond in future encounters with other felines as well. It is their way to learn to socialize with other cats, and to develop bond that could be aggressive or sexual in the future. So, the next time you go pay your neighbor a visit and your cat just leaped or play-fight with your neighbor’s cat, just leave them alone, and continue with your cup of tea and chitchat!

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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