What Society Stereotypes As Comically Ugly

9 (2)Stereotypes are pretty negative for most people, but then why not take it lightly and look at the comical side of it? Some people are not making themselves look like the way they are currently looking for a beauty contest, but rather for making people laugh. Some people may think it ugly and make fun of them, what’s important is that they are happy with how they look and how comical they may be to other people. Below are some of the best ones:

Too much piercings – while other people find two piercings, one in each ear, enough and the normal thing to do, there are others who beg to differ. Adding extra piercings for the ears, for their tongue, another one for their belly button or their eyebrow is rather extreme for others. But did you know that other people actually fill their whole face with piercings just for the heck of it? Yeah well they might end up looking like human porcupines or human sea urchins, but hey that is what they want.

Too much tattoos – other people think tattoos are ugly, and those people couldn’t even begin to imagine if they meet someone whose skin is filled with tattoos at every square inch that they end up looking like inhuman. People actually do that? Well yeah, just because they love it. Others are just amazed looking at it too; it’s like looking at a body painted person, but only more permanent.

Too much make-up – well, make-up has been quite in the line of beauty for most people, but did you know that others actually use make-ups to make themselves look funny and comical? After all, clowns are made out of a huge part of make-up and that is kind of like their trademark.

Too much teeth – well, people can actually choose to have their teeth fixed but then others prefer to leave it like they are because they make it part of their charm. There are just some people who make the crowd laugh just by doing something with their teeth, like “accidentally” having dentures fall out while in the middle of a serious conversation. Now that’s a laugh.

So who says that being ugly is always a bad thing? Well, in the first place was there such a thing as being ugly anyways? After all, it was society who had made ugly happen and stereotyped it so it could have labels. Comically ugly though, will that be a thing?

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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