Reasons To Not Get Tattooed

8Getting a tattoo may have been what you and your friends were raving about back when you were teenagers. It may have looked cool and good when you first had it, but what do you think would it look like 30 or perhaps 50 years from now? Well, if you haven’t decided on getting a tattoo yet and you were thinking about getting one, then here are some reasons that would probably change your mind:


• Did you know that getting tattoos in some places would require you to be in a legal age before they would even give you the tattoo? Yeah, so before you think about it you have to consult your country’s or state’s laws about getting a tattoo by yourself. Your choices though would be to ask consent from your parents or have it done yourself, either way you’d get into big trouble and a bad tattoo – unless your parents are cool or you’re really a great tattoo artist.


• Did you know that really great tattoo artists that give you quality tattoos cost a lot of money? Getting your skin tattooed with a really rad designs and a long lasting tattoo quality will leave you broke, so if you don’t have enough money for it then you either save up or go for the cheap. But then, saving up would mean waiting a long time upon which you would go for the cheap, but then cheaper tattoos usually end up really bad. Either way it’s not gonna look good.


• The worst tattoos usually come from bets with people you know – especially your so-called “friends”. So before agreeing to a bet that involves tattoos, think about it first. What’s the worst that could happen, you ask? Well, only a tattoo of male genitalia on your face could be the worst thing that could happen.


• Don’t get a tattoo out of love. Well, at least don’t get the name of the person that you are currently in love with. Chances are, you’d break up and you’re left with a broken heart and skin permanently inked with the name of the person you though you are going to spend the rest of your life with. That might just be the reason why you can’t find “the one” in the future.


So unless you are pretty darn sure that getting a tattoo for yourself will not end up with either of the ones mentioned above, then go for it.

Mary Romar

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