No Ordinary Friends: A Kitten and Two Ducklings

Isn’t it very heartening to see small animals in your backyard? Have you ever experienced being in the countryside observing what it’s like to live farming and tending to little animals? Well, if you have tried living with such scenario or if you actually have such experience of herding cattle and goats, then you probably have felt the gladdening emotion of seeing how the offspring of your animals seem to be stress relievers. Yes! They are like potent anti-depressant that will somehow relieve you of your problems whenever you see them walk, prance around the field or graze with their parents. Indeed, small animals have this magnetic effect of pulling out all the bad vibes that we feel deep inside of us.

But if you have not seen for yourself how offspring of such animals like goats or cow could get, you probably have seen or experienced the nostalgic feeling of observing your kittens or pups at home. I bet you have at least spent an entire afternoon playing and looking at your pets while they do with their daily activity, and it is very much an awestruck to see their small young do all the smart-alecky stuffs that will make your hearts melt. You probably have made an effort of petting them and reveling on their uber beguiling qualities. Indeed baby animals do possess some irresistible charm with them.

But what if you see a kitten being flocked with two ducklings? Yes! It could well be the most gladdening scene you will ever see. Consider yourself seeing a cute little kitten walking on a concrete floor, somehow unsure of its steps, with its mouth opening intermittently to release its purr; yet somehow, the kitten is being escorted by two ducklings, whose feather is as downy as fur, and whose color is as bright yellow as sunshine. You would for sure be painting a curve line on your mouth. Just with the thought of it will make you think of how adorable the little animals could be.

And what’s even more amazing is that the animals somehow treat each other like good old best friends. They are innocent critters, who don’t have a single idea of what the world is like. They are dumbfounded that in the end, when they grow up, they will fill in the spot of a prey and predator. Yet, no matter what, at least in their innocence and youthfulness they have somehow shared good company with each other, not minding of what lies ahead of them; but rather enjoying what life is offering them at the present. It could well be the most picturesque scenario one could ever see—the scenario that of a kitten and two ducklings spending good time like best of friends.

Mary Romar

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