Face Off with Spiderman

1What will your reaction be if ever the superhero that you have been idolizing all your life come face to face with you? Will you be shock and stun to face him? Or will you be very enthusiastic to ask for a picture with him? Well, if ever Batman, or Superman, or perhaps Captain America come in contact with you, you’d probably end up shaking and feeling all the butterflies in your stomach. It could be the very exciting, as well as nerve wrecking moment in your life. Could you bear staring at Superman’s angular and chiseled face? Or can you stand beside Batman as his cape flaps languidly while being whisked by air?

No human being would be at the calmest state of mind when their favorite superhero becomes close with them. Such scenarios would for sure generate shrieks, squeal and a dozen of fainting episodes. It would for sure be too surreal to see them in person, even if they are still human beings just portraying a comic role for others to watch. Some of us really have difficulty distinguishing what’s real from reel that is why many of us would be very hyped and overwhelmed when such instance arrives. And it is not surprising to see some fans become too engrossed with the surprise and shock, that they would at times exhibit often very weird reactions.

But, what if you come in contact with Spider Man and he is pointing fingers at you while he is busy discussing some important points that he wants to convey at you? Well, what if he will discuss to you what his very famous line means, “With great power comes great responsibility,” will you be at awe and admire him even more? Or will you just let all the talking pass your ear, and just admire at how beautifully crafted his seemingly silvery and fly-like eye is, and become very fascinated with how the sinew of his body fits perfectly to his red and blue skin tight suit?

Such instances of seeing one’s favorite superhero are definitely surreal; it is unrealistic and unbelievable. There could be no words to describe such moment. It could be one that is fleeting, and all that you could ever do is just revel and take pleasure on such unbelievable moment. These type of scenario is definitely life-changing and it would forever be imprinted on the mind of the fan how unthinkable it is to come face to face with their idols, most especially superhero. Because of the unrealistic and superhuman qualities that superheroes possess, they become too glorified like gods in their own field. Unlike seeing celebrities, seeing superheroes generate unconceivable happiness because of their seemingly divine-like apparitions.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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