Dogs with Aviator Shades: Chilling Like a Boss

My dog --- Buddy IN HDR!  1 exposure --- thus the grain.If you have dogs at home, what pranks have you done to them? You probably have made certain tricks to your dogs that you find delighting. Certainly, our dogs possess that kind of innocence that when we do some tricks to them, and they become caught off-guard, we end up laughing to what we have done. These very innocent and cute critters can really fill our hearts with joy and delight. They are angels that can brighten up our day and fill our face with smile that is all pure happiness. Often, we find it enjoying to bond with our dogs rather than our friends because they can take in jokes, foolishness or whatever absurdity that we can think of without feeling violated with it.

It is very common to play pranks and tricks with dogs, but it is very common to do it when they are chilling and relaxing. Just imagine what joy it with would bring to you, when you put to your dog’s face, your newly bought, polarized, orange aviator shades. You would for sure be laughing when you see one. It is as if seeing a dog relaxing on a tropical island after a very tiring day at work, somehow enjoying the limited vacation that he has and feeling the sun striking on its fur, while the winds whisk at its face.

Because the only thing cuter than a dog is a dog wearing sunglasses, dogs can for sure rock it, like supermodels do, and that’s what makes them very amusing. Since they are our best friends, they have amazingly human-like emotions; and part of it is the ability to look cool with sunglasses on, even if they are being poked fun. They just bring happiness to us, that we end up feeling delighted seeing them rock the sunglasses, even if they are sleeping. Well, even if they are being made into laughingstock, they can for sure end up looking like a darling rather than jesters. They possess an adorability that is beyond any human pranks can handle.

We are not taking out the fact that dogs are smart enough to know that they are being tricked. But maybe, they also love being tricked because they just want to see their masters happy. All that they ever want is to channel happiness and love. And they could take in whatever tricks available in the book, just so they can share positive vibes. And a sleeping dog, with an aviator shades in the face is just one trick that dogs can handle to bring out the happiness and fun. That is what makes them a true best friend and a true sport. It is what makes them adorable, being able to exude happiness in everything that dog does.

Mary Romar

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