A Lizard Smoking on Cloud Nine

2There have been a lot of warnings from different health organizations that “Smoking is Dangerous to Your Health.” This is very true, that in fact, in some states, cigarette advertisements are banned. Rather, cigarette packs contain gross images of the effects of smoking; from pictures of people with throat cancer, to a picture of lungs that is as black as charcoal, to how debilitating the effects of smoking can be. Indeed, the aim is to make people veer away from buying cigars just by seeing the very alarming images. Though it is something that is effective, because it will make people think twice about buying cigarettes; chain smokers and those who are totally addicted to nicotine are not affected by such warnings. And some of them would even do something creative to pursue their desire of smoking.

Have you seen pictures that somehow portray smoking as laughable or entertaining at that? Well, if you haven’t seen one, then you’d probably end up laughing in the middle of whatever you are doing just with the thought of seeing a picture of a gecko or lizard that is smoking. Well, picture the gecko/lizard or whatever species it is, somewhat floating in mid air, like he is in cloud nine, reveling on all the good memories he has had in all his life. Picture its face like he just won a hundred million lottery ticket, and you’d get a face that is totally high on whatever luck he has.

And further imagine that the four legged, alligator’s skin-like, and gecko looking lizard is closing its eyes as it is puffing every single smoke that is coming from the cigar. It is as if the smoke coming from the cigar is giving him the ultimate high in his life. Clearly, the picture of the lizard (or whatever subspecies of it) is totally enjoying such luxury that he is experiencing. It can be likened to a child’s first taste of an ice cream. It is totally priceless!

Though cigarettes are always portrayed in the bad light just so people would be deterred from smoking it, somehow what the lizard is trying to show, is to poke fun on the highly not-so-favored product for good commercial. It is as if the lizard is telling everyone, to live a little, and give the cigarette a break from all the negative publicity it is receiving for many generations now. What it is telling us, is that there is fun in everything, and even the pictures of cigarettes can ride on such fun. But, it doesn’t mean that smoking is funny nor is it highly advisable just to give one a sense of pleasure. What the gecko has done is to poke fun on something that is deemed a very serious matter.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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