A Groaning Sand Sculpture

1If you have experienced having a vacation in many famous tropical islands in the world, it would be a common sight for you to enjoy and marvel at the beautiful sand sculptures that dots the island. Often these sand sculptures are made at the beachside of certain resorts, so that they could attract tourists to come and stay in their place. It is also a way for them to be able to have their guest, patronage the amenities and certain gimmicks of the resort. Indeed, it is a good gimmick so that they can keep the cash coming in, while at the same time provides a good venue for the tourist to have their photos taken and enjoy. But, it is not just the resort owners who commissioned sand sculptures to be made within their vicinity, there are also those people who are creative and fond of doing some unique stuffs with the sands.

The most common sand sculpture that you will ever find is a sand castle, the gigantic nonetheless. It is a plain Jane and a garden variety, but still it attracts people who are fond about Disney fairytales, and those dreaming to live what it’s like to be a royal. But, there are also those who put the bar of sand sculpting in a much higher position. Have you seen mermaids made up of sand? Or have you seen certain cartoon characters being sculpted in the beach side? Well, they all are feasible!

Indeed, sand sculpting is an art. And it takes skills and a creative mind to create something that is not just simply creative but mind-boggling as well. Well, consider yourself walking in the beach side and you see a very unique sand sculpture of a man’s face half buried in the ground. Its facial emotion is one that is struggling from the pressures of a hand that is somewhat pushing the face halfway through the sand. It can be likened to an MMA fight wherein the losing competitor is being toppled in the ring where his face is being pressed hard on the surface of the ring.

If you happen to see such beautiful sculpture in the beach, what would your reaction be? I bet you would be grabbing your smartphone to take pictures of such wonderful creations so that you can post it in your social media accounts and boast it to your friends. Well, in today’s world that is a very common thing; amazing and eye catching marvels such as the struggling face being pressed on the sand is just one of the many sculptures available for our eye’s pleasure. It is totally unbelievable to see such thing come alive right before our naked eye to amaze us.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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