What Dogs Teach About Happiness

2We each have our own moments of happiness. Our childhood happiness could be one where we jump constantly on the bed as we pillow fight with our friends, or it could be running around the yard playing with the grass sprinkler. Some simple things in life could be very fun and leave lasting impression on our minds. These simple things bring us so much joy when we were young, that we could possibly do it everyday. There are so many things that could provide us so much joy, and these things need not be expensive or lavish. Now growing up, we often associate fun with events that are too expensive to do; that we forget that true happiness is in the form of simple pleasures.

The simple enjoyment that you have is also joy to dogs. So, the next time you think about the fun things you do when you were a child, your dog could have fun with it as well and you better play it with them! If you have ran around your yard playing with water, and you find it fun to do, remember that your dogs also enjoy doing it. If you have jumped on your bed for an hour, your dog would love to try to do it as well. Simple things that you find enjoying in your childhood are definitely enjoying for dogs. They also want to do the things you have done when you were a kid. Dogs find fun and happiness in simple things, just like the kid version of you do. It is very admirable for dogs to be able to revel on things like running, jumping around, and playing at the backyard—it is admirable how they find happiness on simple things.

If you have seen dogs wagging their tails with these activities, then it is for certain that they are having the good time of their life. But, if you see a dog protruding its tongue, closing its eyes and just simply reveling on the happiness that playing with bubbles bring, then you for certainly have seen what it’s like to be on cloud nine. Yes! Dogs find fun in chasing bubbles and popping them with their tongue or with their snout. They do have these unique qualities of enjoying such kind of simple pleasure.

What such event tells us is that we should find happiness in every simple thing that we do. Dogs are testament that life is too short to look for happiness in expensive things, and posh events. Real happiness is found in many things that seem ordinary, and dogs prove that life should be lived living and reveling on the ordinary things that we have; they tell us that we should stop chasing on things that are lavish because fun is not found in them, and these things just provide an empty happiness that is not worth living.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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