A Motherly Dog and Her Offspring

1If you are a dog lover, you probably have observed how adorable it is to have dogs at home. Dogs do certainly have a heart and soul that makes you get attached to them. They possess some good qualities that make them a very good pet. It is as if innocence is wrapped in a furry critter to make our lives one less lonely world. When you have a dog, you will feel a certain feeling that somehow they fill the void that you feel whenever you are alone. They give joy and laughter to everyone, and they do it effortlessly. They are animals that are somehow designed by God to provide comfort and company to mankind. And it is not surprising why they are often typecast as Man’s Best Friend.

If you have a dog, you can probably recall of many instances were you said, “Ohhhhh” and you feel like your heart is actually melting with the gestures that they are doing. You probably have experienced the assuring feeling of having someone wait for you in the door when you arrive after work. Or you probably have cuddled your dog in a cold winter morning and such cuddle provides the two of you warmth and comfort. These are just some instances wherein the innate qualities of dogs as being a true man’s bestfirned are manifested.

If you have a dog, you would for sure agree how loving and caring they are to their offspring. You have for certainly see how good a parent they can be. Well, consider the picture of seeing a dog and its young on the side of the beach wherein the young is somehow hugging its mother, as if longing for protection and warmth as it is reveling on the beautiful lashing of the waves on the shore, as well as simultaneously admiring the infinite horizon beyond. Moreover, picture the mother as looking lovingly at her pup, somehow imagining that she would definitely provide a good life for him no matter what.

Truly, such scenario is very heartwarming and tear-jerking. It solidifies the idea that dogs have heart and emotion, and that they are animals that would certainly be loving and nurturing not just to their masters, but also to their young. The scene is likewise similar to how the painting Madonna and Child is portrayed; wherein the mother is pictured as someone that is a mixture of protective, loving, and gentle, all at the same time. And dogs can do that effortlessly. They possess such qualities of being protective and gentle, just what the description above shows. They are animals that epitomize loyalty and love, to whoever they are close with, and it is for one reason they are called our best friend.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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