Toyota’s Holographic Car of the Future

Admit it, you haven’t seen everything in a car that will make you understand things about it; well, even if you are the person with the most collection of cars in the world, or even if you are the savvy person particular about cars specifications and what not, you have actually not seen everything about it! There are so many cars out there that are distinct from others just to catch attention of the people with very discriminating taste about cars. There are some cars plated with gold, or those that can drive you around even if you are not actually holding the steering wheels just so it can catch attention. Yes! These types of cars exist, just to impress people who are car lovers and those people who are bored with plain Jane cars. But, you have not heard of this new car yet!

Toyota released a concept car that would definitely tickle the brains of many car lovers around the world. They named it—Toyota Fun Vii. Well, consider yourself driving a car with an exterior that changes! Yes, you read it right. You are as if riding a chameleon inspired car. The exterior portion of the car serves as a digital display, which means that you are riding and driving an augmented reality cockpit. Moreover, if you are one who can’t get enough with being too connected on the social media, then this car is for you because it is equipped with internet and an inter-vehicular connectivity.

If you come in contact with the concept car of Toyota, you’ll probably think twice whether calling it a car. Is it really a car? Or is it an oversized smartphone that you can hop on and is infused with gaming machine capabilities. Well, it for sure is a spectacular concept for the future of cars! The 13-foot long car will leave you breathless and shock with its astonishing features. It can carry three people inside which means more spaces for you to enjoy its interiors. Its exterior boast a blank slate of shiny black finish, which you can change to whatever visuals you wanted to have; it’s like painting your car every time you drive it.

With this car, you will never get lost to your destination. It is equipped with a holographic assistant that will guide you through your travel, and especially in manipulating its unknown features. It is like it has its own version or Siri or S voice. What more can we ask from it? It is pack with consoles that will enable you to play games while you are stuck in traffic or when you are having a long journey to the countryside. The last thing that Toyota could ever put into the car is probably wings! To make it the most awesome car ever!

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