The Curios Cat

2Curiosity killed the cat—not! This saying is used to define that if you get too interested on something, somehow you will put yourself in danger. You may be putting yourself in trouble by trying to find out something that you need to know. It is a proverb that reminds us that too much curiosity is dangerous. What’s it have to do with cats? Well, cats, like children, are very curious animal and you would often see them trailing on stuffs that are new to them, either they will stalk it like lions hunting for gazelles, or they would smell and memorize the scent of the object to make it imbedded on their brains. Cats are definitely very curious, and that is what makes them very adorable!

But, curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat, in fact, some of them become model or photographer. Well, not really the professional one; Sort of, the accidental kind of photographer and model. Try leaving your DSLR camera on your couch with your cat in it, and for sure you’ll see how cats can become photographers. They are naturally curious that is why there is a hundred percent chance that they would be pressing the shoot button of your camera and your camera memory would definitely be filled with images of your living area, or not, selfies of your cats!

Or, better yet, you can take photos of your cat while it is playing with your DSLR camera on the couch. And you’ll end up laughing with pictures of your cat somehow biting and tasting your camera like it’s a new cat food. Don’t fret about getting your camera damaged. Well, at least don’t fret. Somehow, cats become adorable with their innate inquisitiveness on a lot of things, and they can become cute or funny with it. You can take pictures of them as they play with your camera, you’ll end up treasuring such moments ad sharing them with your friends. That’s how adorable cats are, and oh, photogenic as well. They can be darling of photographers because of their innate qualities.

It is truly fun to leave cats with something unusual and observe them get curious with the new stuff. They could become totally engrossed with examining the new stuff that they end up looking funny with it. Indeed, the adorability of cats goes hand in hand with their fondness to tinker and observe some new stuff. Definitely, it is really breathtaking to have cats at home, because they will give us a feeling of refreshment with their antic that can leave us laughing at times. So, have your camera ready with you when your cat gets hyped on some new stuff you have at home! And for sure you’ll have pictures worth sharing on the internet!

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