Splash of Color for a DSLR

2Are you bored and fed up seeing your plain black DSLR camera? Do you find it like a plain-vanilla that doesn’t suit well to your colorful personality? Do you ever think of putting it with some embellishment just so it would look definitely eye catching? Well, there are actually many people craving to have a redesign on DSLR camera. Yes! It is definitely possible to have your DSLR camera designed in quirky ways, even splashing it with vivid colors! Ever heard of Pentax? Well, the DSLR Company answered the prayers of many camera enthusiasts by introducing a splash of personalized color to their latest line of DSLR cameras! That means you don’t have to settle anymore with those plain jane, black and bulky DSLR that you have!

Pentax definitely took the crown for revolutionizing the way DSLR camera looks. Japan’s photography giant, Pentax, definitely knows what the market wants, and they sure are giving in to the whims! The launch of their K-50 mid ranges DSLR prove that they are definitely putting to the hands of their customers what they want, and that is a camera that is personalized and colorful. Imagine searching what camera to buy amongst the twenty body colors and six grip colors which gives you at least 120 combinations! Well, you’d better be good in choosing, if you don’t want to be buying all designs in different colors! Definitely, it is a very tempting and difficult situation to be choosing what kind of camera to buy in a sea of options that you are given, thanks to Pentax!

Aside from just the good looks that the camera has, it is also packed with a lot of cool specifications that you would surely fall for! Imagine a new 16 megapixel camera with you; that has broad sensitivity range, plus 100 percent field of view. Now, you got one hell of a camera that not only looks good on the outside, but has stellar performance as well! The colorful camera also has weather-resistance and dust proofing capabilities as its 81 seals keep the inside of the camera protected from any weather condition that you are going into; which means, you are not only bringing along with you a camera that is fashionable and eye catching, you are also holding a strong one that can withstand any weather condition.

It is also packed with a good number of tools that you can choose, so you can unleash the creative side in you. What more can you ask for camera? Pentax has raised the bar of the DSLR makers by not only providing a camera that can do so much, but it has also made many consumers the ability to choose what kind of camera to buy. Now, that’s being too personal, which makes it great!

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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