Sony Fusion: A Sleek Blend of Computer and Coffee Table

3Ever dream of having a coffee table where you can place your computer or laptops on it? Well, it may sound easy, but not all coffee table could serve such purpose effortlessly and stylishly. Nothing could be more vibrant than seeing your living room with a coffe table that is unlike any other you have seen. Nothing could be more sophisticated than seeing a piece of furniture, with modern design and multi-functionality that can leave you awestruck. But, nothing could even be more surprising than hearing a technology giant, like Sony, venture into furniture design. Well, it would definitely leave you clueless, as to whether a coffee table could become a robot when not in use, or a futuristic masterpiece the most.

Sony unveiled Fusion, a concept that is a mixture between a taste and practicality. It is a standout in every right because it will surely make life easier. The design is derived from fusing what Sony knows best, that is technology, plus furniture. And voila! The birth of Sony Fusion. It is a desktop that is blended with coffee table properties that will serve you with sleekness and multi purpose high speed desktop. Just imagine sitting in a corner of your room, drinking coffee or tea, as you chat with your friends online via instant messaging with such a new and novel concept, it is for sure very surreal.

The design is crafted to perfection, that it utilized matte black aluminum to give a modern and futuristic finish, plus sleek chrome lining that is supported with arched chrome legs. It will only take you a push of a button to make the table transform into a work station with its burnished touch sensitive keyboard and adjustable screen. What else do you expect from a Sony than seeing a Transformers Movie come to life! Well, sort of. The Sony Fusion will effortlessly split in half and slide apart without any noise to reveal the LED screen with keyboard, and DVD drive on the side.

Definitely, Sony is a master into delivering awestruck in very innovative invention that they release. The smart desktop slash coffee table is just one of the many feathers on its cap. It will for sure bring rave on the tech savvy individuals! And once this concept become available for mass production, it will become the epitome of elegance and technology blended into refined perfection! It is style and functionality rolled into one, modern looking piece of furniture that is worthy to be used in a Star Trek movie. This piece proves that computer will continue to become even more integrated into the different aspect of our life, and this concept will not anymore become a surprise in the years ahead.

Mary Romar

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