Razer Ouroboros: Infinity at the Palm of Your Hand

2Hey! Are you a gamer? Are you very particular with the design and ergonomics of the things that you use while playing? If you are, then you probably want to have a LaZ boy kind of swivel chair, where you can basically sit on it for days without feeling bedsores on your buttocks. Or you probably wanted to have a screen that is HD Amoled or whatnot, that is as big as what your eyes can see on the wall, that can provide you with rich and crisp color, as if putting you in a situation where you yourself is inside the game realm. Or are you particular with the computer software, where you want everything to run smooth and fast, and you just don’t care what seat you are sitting or what monitor you are using and whatnot?

Good news! A futuristic looking mouse is released to please the people who are very particular about the design and ergonomics of the things they are using whilst playing. Consider this: it fits both your hand (Yes! Great for ambidextrous), and it changes shape! Imagine that! This means its symmetrical body can definitely please some southpaws out there, while feeling the comfort of its adjustable palm rest, which is also equipped with interchangeable sides that can contort the mouse into claws. If you are frustrated about the cables attached to the mouse, fret not! It also works in wireless mode.

The Razer Ouroboros is definitely built for accuracy with its 8200 DPI sensor and a clutch type trigger button will just leave you with W-O-W! It can even detect any surfaces ten times faster than its predecessor thanks entirely to its dual sensor! You will have no more qualms on whether you’ll use your mouse pad or just the table surface. The Razer Ouroboros is definitely built for gaming geeks out there and definitely a must have toy for them. Now, there will be no more worries about getting sprained wrist due to heavy gaming or about using a right-hand designed mouse awkwardly.

The sleek and black matte design of the Razer Ouroboros feels like a Ferrari for your hands. It is like holding the infinity with the palm of your hand. It is really a comfortable mouse that will make you a happy gamer! The mouse knows that you want to put to your hand; where you will feel good from the very first second you touch it, until the twelfth hour or more hours of your gaming session, and the Razer Ouroboros can do just that! This also caters to all grip types, all you have to do is adjust the arch on the palm rest, and you are good to go.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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