Playing Games with Your Grannies is Cool

playing-games-togetherGaming is really for the new generation because it is created in the new century. When gaming is mentioned what comes to your mind? Children, teenagers or young adults may easily come to your mind. Yes! This is the population that dominates the gaming world. It is just so enthralling for this people to be playing games as a way to kill their time while enjoying everything that is happening in the game. Games are definitely built to suit the needs and interests of these age bracket. It is somewhat close to impossible if the new generation of kids or even young adults have not tried playing games, or have not engage themselves in RPG. This century is the Gaming century.

What kinds of games do you play? Do you play alone or do you like being accompanied while playing games? Well, if you play games with somebody else I am pretty sure it is you friend or it is with someone you are of the same age. That is most often the case; simply because you would want to be sharing the same idea and interest to someone you are of the same age. But, have you tried playing RPG with your grannies? Do you think it is impossible to see your grandparents play online games? Or do you find the idea exciting?

What do you think will happen if two people of different generations play games together? Well, where will they play their games? Can you picture a granddaughter and granny playing video games side by side? Well, it may sound impossible to see such thing because grandparents are often seen as being in their rocking chair while stitching something. But, to see grandchildren and grandparents play games side by side would be very cool. Isn’t it? I bet the games are totally addicting to be able to pull the grandparents to play the video games. Yes! It has happened. A granddaughter was busy playing video games with her grandmother, as her grandmother is busy tilting the controls of the games while being so engrossed with it.

Wouldn’t you find it exciting to be playing with your grandparents? Who do you think will win? Well, if you think that it is fun to do why don’t you try to invite your grandparents to play online games with you. It would be an exciting part of your life to be with your grandparents and play side by side with them as you try to battle each other and take roles of different avatar. Your grannies reaction would definitely be priceless, as well as the moment, so you’d better make sure to videotaped your grannies moments. Do you ever dreamt of teaching your grannies play video games?

Mary Romar

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