Creative Action Figure Ideas

2Have you ever thought of anything else to do with your action figure besides displaying them in your glass divider for your own amusement? Well, creative minds would beg to differ. Certainly there is more to collecting action figures than having them on display. If you really do have a passion for action figures in general, then why not display them with a twist? Perhaps a creative touch here and there would catch your attention as well as your friends. Below are some creative ideas that you can make use of and would help you get in touch with your artistic side:

Create a scene around your action figures – what would it be like for a droid to have breakfast or Link looking for chocolate treasures instead of real ones? Create a scene around your action figure and portray your idea of their normal everyday lives. Perhaps you could put Superman in the dining table having coffee and donuts, or Super Mario hanging out with his friends in his living room. Create a story in your mind and show it through your action figure displays. But you might have to buy equally small toys too if you want to create a whole mini city for all of your action figures.

Take your action figures to a photo shoot – taking photos of your action figures in different angles may have been cool a few years back, but today that thing is very common that it wouldn’t catch any attention at all. Why not level it up a bit and take your action figures to a photo shoot where you place them on strategic places all over town or outside your house that would make them look like they are actually life-size instead of bite-size? Post the photos online and see how viral it could get.

Film your action figures – with the age of multimedia these days, why not create a video starring your action figures and sub voices for them? Create your very own story for your characters; create a world wherein all super heroes, super villains, and action figure characters you have all live in the same world. How would you think they would be able to live amongst each other? Post it on YouTube and see how many views you can get for it.

So don’t just stop at lining them up on your glass tops in your cabinets, instead put them to good use.

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