Why Cats Are Charmers

3As any cat owners would testify, these furry critters are definitely very inquisitive, they are as if built to investigate the world around them. So, don’t wonder if you see them in the oddest of places because for certain they will roam just basically anywhere to satisfy their curiosity about the world. Whether you have a full grown cat or a kitten, don’t be surprise if they act as if Einstein of the feline world because for sure, their imagination is limitless, and they would definitely love to roam around, and tinker some new stuffs they see, by smelling, scratching, or biting them. That is how admirable they can be with their innate curiosity in them.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see cats stare at the wide lens of your camera if you leave it. It is also not surprising to see cats become comfortable with new things that they find. They could stare and roll around the sight of the new thing and they would definittely unleash their cuteness, so they could win the heart of the foreign thing that is near to them. Indeed, it is not surprising to see cats behave in such a way. They have this unique ability of trying to please anyone new to them, either by scrubbing their body on visitors or by purring lovingly. They are definitely master charmers.

And no one can resist the charms of cats. That’s a fact! They are just so adept to charming that they can allure anyone to pet them. They are equipped with eyes that seem to be too cute to resist, with nose that are pinkish and very adorable to see, plus their fur that seem to look like fresh as ever. So, tell me who can resist them? No one can ever go away when cats stare at them. They have this magnetic appeal in their eyes that makes people become attracted and get close with them. And it proves at how good cat’s seemingly natural way of attracting people. And such qualities of cats to allure anyone are basically natural and transcends beyond any breed.

Probably the reason why cats ogle at new things is that they think of foreign things around them, as something like a “larger and non-hostile” cat. Yes! They probably think of everything around them as cats too. And that is probably the very reason why they seem to be comfortable with just anyone and anything around them; they treat them like their own, not strangers. That is why, whenever there are cats around, they just act normal and comfortable, without any hint of anxiety or fear to strangers. They are innocent creatures, without a hint of atrocities in their mind. They view the world as a peaceful place to live in, and that’s what makes them truly a darling!

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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