The Sight of Abandoned Kittens

1Have you tried visiting orphanages? Have you seen how it’s like inside orphanages? If you have, then you probably have experienced the heartwarming feeling of seeing little angels roam, and play around the center together with their foster parents or people who volunteer to take care and love them in their little way. If you have seen such heartwarming thing, you probably have experienced a change in your life, like some enlightenment came to your senses to give you a wider grasp of what life is. The most that you could get in such a visit is a feeling that you finally found the meaning of what your journey in life is about. Yes! It’s not an exaggeration; many have experienced such kind of enlightenment.

There is a saying that tells about being abandoned; it says that an infant’s cry is rage not fear. And if you found it heartwarming to visit an orphanage setting, how would you feel if you have seen a little animal being abandoned on the street? Would you still feel the heartwarming feeling that you have inside the orphanage? Or would you feel the rage and become angry to the world, to anyone, for abandoning a poor helpless little creature on the street? There would be no words that could describe the feeling of seeing a poor, little kitten drenched in rain and is all soaked up purring and making noise on the street.

In fact, the noises that they make could very well hunt you whenever you sleep. And you feel that feeling of guilt; that just with the sight of these poor animals, you feel like asking, why were they given such miserable life in this world? Well, many would tell you that life for them is survival of the fittest; but, is it totally applicable to such innocent animals who doesn’t have the taste of what is it to defend for themselves? Indeed, it is always a feeling of rage mixed with guilt to see little kittens being abandoned anywhere, be it in the streets, or in the fields, or even in the oddest of place.

The next time you see abandoned kittens on your way home, it would be quite prudent to provide them a shelter. And for sure, you’ll experience a transformation in your life. It is a transformation that will provide you happiness of being able to save a poor kitten’s life. You will definitely provide meaning to your life, that you have done something good to an animal that will never be able to replace and pay you with monetary things. But for sure, these animals will give you something in return that no amount of money could ever pay you, no amount of worldly things could give, and that is—Happiness.

Mary Romar

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