Rarity of White Tigers

1Some zoos as well as animal breeders and exhibitors often showcase certain species like that of a white tiger. Yes! Believe it or not tigers also come in white hue. Often, we are familiar with the tigers with orange to yellow fur with patches of black stripes from their head up to the tail. But, even white tigers do exist! It is often the result of the lack of red and yellow pigment on the tiger’s hair that will produce the orange color, thus making them look as white as snow. That is why they are often called by the name, “Snow White” or “Pure White.” But such tigers are not really a sub species. They are the result of interbreeding between two tigers with a gene that controls their coats color.


It is really very interesting to see a tiger that is covered in a white coat. They seem to be absolutely gorgeous nature’s masterpieces, and many zoos around the world breed white tiger so that they will gain more visitors out of its rarity. The attractiveness of white tiger is due to the fact that it is very uncommon, but their looks and stance also play a role as to why they captivate many people. White tigers not only dominate the animal realm, they also breached the political arena. In fact, in Ukraine, a popular political figure used the white tiger to gain votes from the people by posing together with the rare tiger.


The adorability of these animals is really far reaching. Its rarity contributes to how great it is valued. Some ‘Snow White’ tiger really don’t have black stripes, while some have slightly black stripes on them, and that tigers have more than 100 stripes; and there are no identical stripes with each tiger which serves as their special identification, just like our fingerprints! Chances of having a white tiger are 1 in 10,000 ratio. It is definitely very rare! But, one disadvantage that being white, is that these tigers have difficulty hunting because they are easily spotted. Their white colors make them easily visible during nighttime thus making them unable to effectively get a prey.


If you happen to visit in a zoo and see two tigers mingling together, you are definitely one lucky person to have a chance to see that the other tiger is a white one. These animals are very rare, and even if they are breed mostly in zoos, they are not really breed by many zoos. But, some people breed white tiger for the purpose of entertainment because they are a magnet of spectators—thanks mostly to its color. There are countless amazing stories about white tigers; they are a species that will continue to fascinate many because of its color and rarity.

Mary Romar

Author: Mary Romar

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