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A picture of a most expensive vacation could be frolicking in a remote tropical island, or skiing on a posh winter resort atop the grand Alps in Switzerland or enjoying casino in the billionaire’s playground of Monaco. Though the rich have been constantly exploring of ways to spend their money on exotic vacation; a vacation which have not really been overused and still remains a good avenue to have an exclusive vacation is the seas. Yes! You got that right. You can actually spend quality time enjoying the sun and the open sea in a floating villa—that is a yacht. But, an ordinary yacht is really not a good option if you are endowed with money. All that you need is a super yacht that is fit for a king, one whose size is as mammoth as your bank account; and one that is the size of a cruise ship. Believe it or not, they exist!

1Private luxury yachts abound the world and they are often owned by rich oligarchs and oil sheikhs. It is one way for them to enjoy the world and its richness away from many people, while enjoying the seemingly aloofness that yachts provide while on vacation. Super yachts that are definitely luxurious contain everything in a floating gigantic metal. Some of it contain helipad which serve as transport for the rich owners, while some have huge pools fit for a swimming Olympian, or that other yachts have library, cinemas, garden and other unique facilities that will very well suit the discriminating taste of the owner.

2Indeed, for the rich and famous, privacy is priceless; and that is what super yachts provide. Not only do these yachts provide privacy, they also equally provide luxury that no other place in the world could offer. A yacht, which is sleek and with modern finish, that is seemingly designed to cut through anything even on ice, is one that any rich could ever dream to buy. A luxurious yacht that provides all the amenities necessary to enjoy life is definitely a must have for the deep-pocketed. Yachts provide privacy, and luxury but comes with it is also a distinction that you are in the chips in society. It becomes one’s mark of success and of being moneyed.

3Having a luxury yacht is definitely like having your own posh condominium unit that is floating in mid sea, that everything is all yours for the taking. A luxurious yacht is a symbol of one’s affluence in the world, and that is the reason why many rich people would want to own one, it is their driving force. The moneyed people’s desire to do something that is interesting and significant is a story built on architecture that floats on the ocean—that is the yacht!

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